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Tejada Abogados - Firma especializada en derecho penal económico y de la empresa
Criminal Law and Economic Criminal Law

TEJADA ABOGADOS is a law firm specialized in economic criminal law issues, preventive analysis, and legal representation in modern, complex criminal litigation related to commercial and business issues, such as fraud and other forms thereof, financial crimes, criminal labor law, false documents in general, crimes related to computer security, criminal bankruptcy and insolvency, crimes related to intellectual and industrial property, unfair competition, disclosure of corporate secrets, crimes related to environmental issues, medical malpractice, as well as asset laundering and public and private corruption, among others.

A large list of criminal behavior regulated by our national penal legislation, as well as appropriate sanctions imposed therefore, have led to criminal risk preventive analysis of a large number of corporations.

The experience of the lawyers at TEJADA ABOGADOS is quite significant.
Given the legal procedures which this firm engages in, our list of local and international clients is made up of prestigious banks, corporations, leading companies in important sectors, communication media, construction companies, as well as state and non-governmental organizations. We also provide support to law firms which do not have a criminal law department.
Tejada Abogados - Firma especializada en derecho penal económico y de la empresa
Litigation and Arbitration

The experience of TEJADA Abogados in litigation is significant, as it has been an important part of the professional life of our lawyers, including the practice of criminal law.

We work with determination in defending and filing of actions or suits before the courts, in order to assure our clients' interests in a wide range of judicial procedures, i.e., collection of commercial accounts, civil responsibility derived from actions related to contract, tort, and professional liability, estate responsibility of the State for damages caused by exercising of public powers, urban leasing, condominium, execution of personal guarantees or collateral, and challenges of corporate agreements.

Nevertheless, all controversies are susceptible to reaching of agreements which can take them outside the judicial process. We provide services on different alternatives of Dispute Resolution, as well as in Arbitration.
Tejada Abogados - Firma especializada en derecho penal económico y de la empresa
Labor Matters and Litigation

Our staff of lawyers assist and provide services in drafting of labor contract agreements, filing for and obtaining of work authorizations for our foreign clients, drafting and approval of internal labor rules and regulations, regulations regarding evaluation of performance and productivity, calculations of labor benefits, imposition of disciplinary sanctions, collective work agreement negotiations, termination of labor relations, request to dismissals on economic grounds, representations on individual or collective labor claims before the Office of the General Director of Labor, and defense on labor litigation before the Conciliation and Decision Boards and the Lower Labor Courts.
Tejada Abogados - Firma especializada en derecho penal económico y de la empresa
Natural Resources Law and Environmental Law

There is a growing concern regarding protection of natural resources and the environment, therefore, the State maintains public policies on conservation, preservation, and recovery issues. Therefore, all activities, Works, or projects, whether public or private, because of their nature, characteristics, effects, location, or resources can become a risk to the environment, same require an environmental impact study prior to execution thereof. Non-compliance thereof and of other duties and obligations set forth in environmental legislation and their rules and regulations, can produce temporary or permanent closing of a company, industry, or Project, as well as imposition of administrative and/or criminal sanctions, depending on the seriousness thereof.

Assistance and advice by TEJADA Abogados on this issue, are focused on responsibilities which derive from environmental contingencies, including the criminal area on environmental crimes; public hearings and consultations, special permits, concessions, environmental impact studies, environmental inspections and audits, compliance with the environmental adjustment and management programs (PAMA), previous studies for the use of potentially dangerous substances, Forest Law, application for discharge of waste water, administrative procedures regarding nuisance issues (noise, unpleasant odors, smoke, and toxic gases), environmental administrative litigation. We also offer advice to our clients in development of satisfactory environmental projects.
Tejada Abogados - Firma especializada en derecho penal económico y de la empresa
Family Law

TEJADA Abogados handles divorce proceedings, separation of estates proceedings, alimony or child support proceedings, custody and visitation rights proceedings, paternity recognition proceedings, adoption proceedings, authorizations to leave the country, and abduction and kidnapping of minors.
Tejada Abogados - Firma especializada en derecho penal económico y de la empresa
Administrative Law

Both individuals and corporate entities are confronted with a wide array of complex and diverse regulations from government entities or authorities. Each regulation contains special provisions, as well as appropriate and opportune actions against any administrative act or decision, prior to the administrative contentious process before the Highest Court of the Land.

Our lawyers have an accumulated valuable experience as former public officials. We offer counsel services in all administrative actions and procedures, including those initiated ex officio by the public officials; we prepare requests for government operation licenses and permits, assist in and represent in filing of petitions, claims, and controversies which result from acts of breach of duty by public officers and officials, and we file protection actions, and motions to request annulment of decisions, and motions to request that an administrative act be declared illegal and request for damages for violation of individual rights.
Tejada Abogados - Firma especializada en derecho penal económico y de la empresa
Urban Law and Real Estate Law

Legal services are an essential part of the real estate business. Promotion and exploitation thereof, is heavily controlled by urban authorities. All plotting, development, and construction in real property, must comply with urban laws, with appropriate rules and regulations issued on this issue, and with blueprints on territorial order for human development, pursuant Law No. 6, 2006. Services render by TEJADA Abogados in this area, include legal audits on property title ownership or possessory rights, verification of restrictions and incentives which apply to property or which may favor same, in using therefore for office, commercial, industrial, and hotel purposes; we offer advice related to compliance of provisionsand rules and regulations applicable to the project; we carry out procedures, permits, and authorizations for normal development of the real estate business and incorporation thereof to condominium laws and rules and regulations, amendments to the rules and regulations regarding collection of fees.
Tejada Abogados - Firma especializada en derecho penal económico y de la empresa
Corporate Law

TEJADA Abogados assists its local and international clients in organizing and managing Panamanian corporations, as well as other forms of business concerns, including civil corporations, as well as mergers and acquisitions (by way of take-overs or by way of mergers), dissolution or winding up of corporations, corporate investigation at the Office of Public Deeds (Public Registrar’s Office), obtaining of certificates, drafting of minutes of shareholders’ meetings, of board of directors meetings, drafting of general and special powers of attorney, and obtaining of commercial licenses, registrations, and permits.
Tejada Abogados - Firma especializada en derecho penal económico y de la empresa
Asset Protection and Planning

On many occasions, an individual’s estate becomes involved in legal controversies and in litigation, because they have not been protected against civil actions, or because their conveyance is not planned in an adequate and orderly manner while still living.

TEJADA Abogados provides counsel and structures your asset protection and planning program, with legal instruments and vehicles that best serve your interests and needs.
Tejada Abogados - Firma especializada en derecho penal económico y de la empresa
Wills and Estates

TEJADA Abogados handles most relevant matters which result from probate proceedings, filing requests before probate courts so that probate proceedings can be initiated, counsels on rights and obligations which the law grants to the legal heirs of the deceased, as well as to individuals who consider the possibility of executing a will.