Lizzett Marie Chevalier

Legal Interim Management (LIM)

Financial Crimes and Crimes Against Public Administration.

She worked in the Public Ministry from 1986 to January 2015, an institution in which he held different positions, among them, Senior Officer, Prosecutor and Superior Prosecutor.

She is a Lawyer since 1993. She studied at Santa María La Antigua University, and has a post-graduate degree in Banking and Finance, International Banking Institute, Panama Banking Association (2009). She worked at the Public Prosecutor’s Office from 1986 until January, 2015 where she held several positions, serving as Senior Officer, District Attorney, and Senior District Attorney.

The public trajectory includes their active participation in the discussion and later approval of Law 45, through which Chapter VII, called Financial Crimes, is added to Title XII of Book II of the Criminal Code and Articles of the Penal Code are modified and Judicial.

Organizer of the third Meeting of Prosecutors of the First, Second and Third Judicial District of Panama through which topics were presented on the occasion of the new framework of Financial Crimes.