Criminal and Economic Criminal Law

TEJADA ABOGADOS is a Law Firm specialized in Economic Criminal Law, engaged in Preventive Analysis, Assistance and Legal representation in Litigation and on Matters related to modern and complex forms of crime in the field of Business and Corporations, listed as scams or other types of fraud, financial crimes, labor sanctions/penalties, document falsification in general, crimes against computer security, bankruptcy and punishable insolvencies/bankruptcies, crimes against intellectual and industrial property rights, unfair competition, disclosure of business secrets, crimes against the environment, medical malpractice, as well as the crime of money laundering and public and private corruption, among others. The long list of behaviors which are subject to attention by our criminal legislation, as well as appropriate sanctions therefore, has led to a greater number of companies undergoing activities of preventive analysis of criminal risks. The experience of the legal team at TEJADA ABOGADOS is significant. Because of the procedures which the Firm engages in, our list of national and international clients is made up of prestigious Banks, corporations, leading companies in different sectors, the media, construction companies, and non-governmental and state organizations.