Natural Resources and Environmental Law

There is a growing concern for the protection of natural resources and the environment, therefore, the State has public policies on the conservation, preservation, and recovery thereof. Consequently, public or private activities, works, or projects, that due to their nature, characteristics, effects, location, or resources, may generate environmental risks, and which require an environmental impact study prior to the beginning of the execution thereof. Failure to comply with this or other duties and obligations as set forth under the environmental legislation and environmental rules and regulations, may lead to the temporary or final closing of a company, industry, or Project, as well as the application of administrative and/or criminal sanctions, depending on the severity thereof. The legal assistance and advice provided by TEJADA ABOGADOS on this matter, is focused on responsibilities which derive from environmental contingencies, including criminal issues, for ecological crimes; public hearings and consultations, special permits/authorizations, concessions, environmental impact studies, environmental inspections and audits, compliance with environmental management and adaptation programs (PAMA), preliminary studies for the management of potentially dangerous substances, forestry law, request for water discharge waste, administrative nuisance (noise, unpleasant odors, toxic fumes and gases) procedures, and environmental administrative litigation. We also provide advice to our clients, so they may carry out satisfactory environmental projects.