Urban and
Real Estate Law

Legal services are an essential part of the Real Estate business. Its promotion and putting it into operation is heavily intervened by the urban authorities. Any Project which seeks the subdivision, development, and construction of Real Estate, must comply with urban laws, and also with all rules and regulations issued on this matter, as well as the contents of land use plans for human development, pursuant the provisions of Law No. 6, 2006.

The services rendered by TEJADA ABOGADOS in this area include legal auditing of property ownership or possessory rights, verification of restrictions and incentives to which the property may be subject to, or if favoured to allocate same for office buildings, shops, industrial facilities and hotels. We also provide advice related to compliance with rules and regulations which apply to projects. We carry out procedures, permits, and authorization for the regular and normal development of real estate business and incorporation into condominium systems, amendments to rules and regulations, and collection of fees.