Our Services

Criminal and Economic Criminal Law

TEJADA ABOGADOS is a Law Firm specialized in Economic Criminal Law, engaged in Preventive Analysis, Assistance and Legal representation in Litigation…

Litigation and Arbitration

We work with determination, defending and presenting actions before the courts, to ensure the interests of our clients, in a wide variety of judicial processes,

Labor Law

Our legal staff assists on the drafting of employment contract agreements, processing of work authorizations for foreigners, drafting and approval

Natural Resources and Environmental Law

There is a growing concern for the protection of natural resources and the environment, for which reason the State has public policies on the conservation…

Family Law

TEJADA ABOGADOS handles divorce cases, separation of estates, maintenance, custody and visitation rights, authorization to leave the country, and child abduction…

Administrative Law

Individuals and legal entities are subject to complex and diverse range of rules and regulations by government agencies or authorities.

Urban and Real Estate Law

Legal services are an essential part of the Real Estate business. Its promotion and putting it into operation is heavily intervened by the urban authorities.

Corporate Law

TEJADA ABOGADOS assists local and international clients in organizing, incorporating, and managing Panamanian corporations and others…

Protection and Estate Planning

TEJADA ABOGADOS advises and structures, tailored to your plan for protection and estate planning, using the advantages offered by legal structures

Probate and Wills

TEJADA ABOGADOS takes care of all most relevant matters which arise on probate procedures in the event of death.